The heart behind my work.

There are few mediums that have the power that photography does. As the old saying goes,
"A picture says a thousand words."
Even though we are bombarded by images every day this power hasn't changed. A good photo has the power to lift up or tear down an idea or reputation. It can enhance a point or be used to make someone laugh or cry. 

So the question is, what makes a good photo? Sure there are certain boundaries, but ultimately one good photo can look completely different from the next, and I think that the answer to this question takes a million forms.I believe that a good photograph is one that make you feel something, believe something, communicates something, or inspires you to act.

Therefore, my goal as a photographer is to take photos that empower people. Our culture has so many ideas on what is acceptable and beautiful, but who decided on these points? Why are they accepted as normal or the goal we should all strive for? I want you to have confidence to live a healthy and abundant lifestyle.

So contact me to set up and appointment to make something beautiful! 

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