Learning appreciate patience...

One of the things I really enjoy about working as a photographer is learning to be patient. I had been planing a shoot with a young lady for several weeks, and we had gone back and forth on dates and ideas. However we finally settled on a date and location and agreed to meet at the El Paso Archaeology Museum to take pictures with the beautiful poppies that bloom this time of year, but sadly we had to reschedule. At first I was really disappointed and feared I'd lost my opportunity to shoot with the wild flowers, but we set a new date and hoped for the best. One the morning of the shoot as I crossed over Transmountain I was taken aback by the sea of gold that filled the valley below. I've wanted to do a shoot with the amazing wild flowers for years, and was in awe that I finally was getting the opportunity to do so and that they were more plentiful than I'd seen the week before.

Golden poppies still closed in the early morning.
The poppies close the moment they
are out of the sun and they 
open again until morning.
So I arrived excited and ready to start shooting, but was met with frustration because the young lady I was going to work with hadn't arrived yet, and I thought that I had lost my opportunity to shoot in the beautiful morning light. However, I then noticed that it was still cool enough that the flowers had not opened from their evening slumber and realized that it was a good thing. As I waited for my model to arrive I watched as the flowers slowly began to open and reveal their splendor. What was already a sea of gold transformed into a blanket of different shades of orange and yellow. Places where the poppies weren't previously visible suddenly were displaying their vivid colors, and for once I was thankful that my subject was late.

I have found that I get a little nervous every time I do a photoshoot — wondering if I'll be able to pull off the vision that I have in my head. Will I be able to not only technically pull it off, but effectively work with the model to create the synergy that is needed to get amazing work. So having never worked with this model before I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but when she arrived I new it was going to be a good shoot. Not only was she so apologetic for being late, but I immediately noticed she had nailed the wardrobe and style we had discussed. She looked perfect and for the next several hours we shot different ideas and one other wardrobe option and I believe we got some amazing work. Thank you Hannah for your hard work. You were amazing and I can't wait to work with you again.

Below are a few samples from the shoot, and don't forget to follow my Instagram to see more new work.


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