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Creative Vision.

Look at the photo below and ask yourself the following questions.  How would you imagine that it came to be? In El Paso it doesn't rain much so how was it that we were prepared to have an umbrella?  Did we look at the forecast or was there something more involved in creating this image?  Was it actually raining? Sometimes it is really hard for people to see what goes into the end product. They see a photo and think it is beautiful, without realizing is took preparation and planning to not only find the right location, wardrobe, and lighting setup. Sometimes one can get lucky and arrive at something by being in the right place at the right time, but most often there is more to it than that. The following is a description of this session and a little of went into it. Step 1: Discussed idea with model and determined the location and wardrobe. Step 2: Met at the determined location and took photos while ke

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